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Throughout our ten years of business our goal has been to offer our customers quality craftsmanship. Whether we’re handling your custom kitchen remodel, replacing your flooring, remodeling your house, or renovating a commercial property, be confident that you have made the correct choice for your construction needs. Our construction team has the skills and experience necessary to handle your next project.


From The Floor Up General Construction L.L.C. is proud to offer Residential & Commercial services that include; architectural & planning services, demolition, masonry, framing, plumbing, electrical, Sheetrock, carpet, linoleum, laminate, tile, hardwood floors, stairs, roofing, siding, gutters, windows & doors, general carpentry, custom cabinetry, counter-tops, cabinet installation, and a whole lot more all completely equipped to fit your project - We are a full service construction company, meaning we save our clients time & money by offering all the services necessary to design & construct their project.


With so many Do-It-Yourself reality shows like HGTV, Home Improvement 123 books, doing your own project can seem to be the right thing to do, cause you figure, "Why not? It doesn't look so hard to do." Then you begin to start a project and realize how meticulous it can be. That's why you should leave certain jobs to the professionals. That's where we come in. Why choose us to help with your Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling? The reason for choosing us as that we as a construction company are attentive and aware to our customers needs. We will do are part to assist in helping you in making the right choice in designing your kitchen and convert your ideas and visions into reality, while providing you with professional assistance all through the way.


Bathroom Repairs and Improvements. Bathroom projects can vary from small simple, repairs such as caulking around tubs and showers to very large remodeling and addition projects. Does your To-Do list contain simple bathroom repair projects such as these? Bathtub Resurfacing, Cabinets, Caulking and Sealing, Exhaust Fans, Light Fixture, Painting, Pipes, Shower Heads, Faucets, Tile and Grout. Is your bathroom in need of more than a few small repairs? Are you looking for a professional company to complete a full remodeling makeover including new shower and tub, new floors, new cabinets, building an addition or more? From The Floor Up General Construction Llc. will complete your small or large bathroom projects with high quality workmanship that is guaranteed for one year. Let your trusted and reliable partner in home repair take care of your bathroom repairs and improvements with just one call!



Specializing in floors for more than ten years. Our company can offer you quality workmanship and the best installation at an affordable price range. Our floor technicians specialize in a variety of floors including: Carpet, Linoleum, Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl, Ceramic, Porcelain & Stone Tile. Floors are a major decor in the remodeling of any room in your household. Flooring also has a respected, high standard look and can add true value to your home. Therefore, getting adequate assistance would be the best route in your search in receiving proficient floor service. We are here not only to serve you with professional service, but to help you in choosing a type or style of floor that would be right for your home. We don't only offer a variety of floors we also offer Free consultation and also give you the opportunity to be served in the comfort of your own home.


Windows are a great way for letting in natural light. But, can also let in the cold weather if not installed properly. At From The Floor Up General construction L.L.C. not only will we install your windows properly but we also can assure that you can save money on your heating bill. With many varieties to choose from, windows can be a great way to enhance the appearance of your home giving it a spectacular look that can also add true value to your home.


Installation of doors is a project performed in many different areas of the home. While interior door installation allows more leeway than exterior door installation, the difference in quality and difficulty of installation from one type of door to another make the cost of this task difficult to average. Interior door installations are designed to create more space; large folding doors can be used to provide temporary separation in a large, open room. Exterior door installation is often equally focused on appearance and security. In many cases, exterior door installation is also concerned with insulation; many manufacturers offer entry doors that provide very high R-values to keep outdoor air from affecting indoor temperatures. Garage door installation is a category unto itself. We know how important security and weather proofing for your family is the #1 priority. That's why we at "From The Floor Up" make it are business to give are customers the highest quality installation that can help you sleep that much better feeling safe and secure.

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